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How does Neon Zoom work?

We buy advertising from multiple sources, send it to our own call center and screen the leads for various verticals

We also handle call backs from things like television so that you can get an even flow of leads throughout the day rather than a bombardment during an hour.

The other great thing about it is that because we have multiple customers in each vertical we can share the calls amongst rooms to take the edge off television spikes.

Why not just run ads?

For a lot of verticals the acquisition cost is too high with certain forms of advertising. Because your advertising is effectively added into a pool you get access to advertising that wouldn't have been cost effective on your own.

While we might only get you a few leads for $50,000 of ad spend for a particular ad it doesn't matter. It's like a group purchase so it all evens out. This also means that you can reach customers you'd never normally have access to.

Where is Neon Zoom based?

We're based right here in Florida, United States. We utilize call centers for screening and purchase the majority of our advertising from US television stations etc. Social media platform are worldwide but all advertising targets US consumers.

One of the main benefits of this is that you have the protection of buying from a US company and the peace of mind that your marketing has been properly vetted.

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